First off, this session is about you! Making you feel comfortable is my main focus. You can choose if you want to maintain a modest tone, or take some more risqué shots, or a combination of both. Everyone has a different goal in mind and we totally get that. This is a women-owned business aimed at supporting, celebrating and empowering women. I want you to have fun and feel beautiful, and sexy.

I will work with you to maintain your comfort level in everything from posing to wardrobe. We will have a one-on-one consultation to cover these issues and more, to help ensure that we get the look that you are trying to achieve, remove the fear of the unknown, and help you enjoy the experience. Boudoir photography is for all walks of life and is really about bringing your beauty out through the camera.

That is entirely up to you. When you reserve your session, you will be given a boudoir model release that will authorize the use of the session images. We love featuring our models on our website, portfolios and social media, but that is your call. You can decide if you want to keep the photos private, allow their use with your face cropped out, or allow full use of the photos.

If you feel comfortable putting it out there on social media, we ask that you let us do the same. Please do not re-edit or crop the images and we ask that you attribute the images to our website or relevant social media account in the post.

We also ask that you understand that we must use certain third-party software and applications including but not limited to: photography labs, photo album providers, cloud storage providers, photo editing applications or other services in order to edit, store, print, or disseminate photos to client. While using these providers we keep your privacy in mind and use well-established providers, private links, password protection and other safeguards. After the proofs, prints, downloads and other extras have been produced or downloaded and you no longer need access to them, we delete the session photos we uploaded to these providers. The only remaining images we store are kept in an external storage device which may be backed up onto an encrypted storage provider. This is done in the event that you want access to the images down the road…say for example; in the case of a house fire, a computer crash or other unforeseen event that might destroy or damage the images you or we might have. The redundant storage is to help preserve the images for both parties. 

I would suggest that you bring anything you are considering. This way you have options, and if you decide to change gears from modest to a more risqué tone you have items for both. Depending on the type and length of the session you choose, you will have anywhere from 3-6 outfit changes. This will vary depending on time and progression of the session. Again, this is about you, so if a pair of cotton underwear, or your partner’s dress shirt, or a classic black bra and underwear make you feel great, then bring it. If you have lingerie, garters, corsets or others items you want to bring, add that too. We will discuss clothing and lingerie options in our consultation, as well as recommend places you can find items if you want to purchase some before the shoot.

Bringing some jewelry or other accessories can also add to the images. If it makes you feel confident and ready to take on the camera…bring it with you.

I think having your hair and makeup done really adds to the experience and quality of the photo session . Getting your hair and makeup done by a real pro regularly makes the client feel more confident and beautiful which translates into better pictures. I listed hair & makeup as an “add-on” service  as some clients have their own hair & makeup professionals they already know and love and want to use. However, if you need someone to provide this service, I have professionals whose work I love and will be happy to set it up for the session.

I will usually have your photos ready in two to three weeks. Why so long? The photo shoot is just a portion of the whole process. Photo-editing takes hours to complete, as well as the administrative and workflow process.

Once this process is complete I will upload your photos onto our private proofing gallery. Here you will be able to select your packages included digital images for download. If you want more you are welcome to purchase any additional images/prints that you might want. Want all the edited images from your shoot? No problem, I am happy to provide discounts for the purchase of all of your sessions edited images.